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LakhoSoft Web Design and Development

LakhoSoft is a Web Designing and Development, Graphic Designing and Presentations, Search Engine Optimization, and Data Management Company.

Quality Web Design, Development, Data Management, Graphics Design and Search Engine Optimization Services are offered by Lakhosoft to our overseas clients.

LakhoSoft has built a reputation for doing solid, disciplined and quality work that is delivered on time, and on Cost Effective manners. Lakhosoft helps firms capture the full Cost Savings promised by Offshore Outsourcing, and delivers enterprise-class results.

Large Projects Experience!

Large Web Development Projects are rare in the Outsourcing World. however, We know how to organize successful multi-site offshore web projects and smaller ones, too.

We are able to Decrease Project Development efforts and duration and, thus, your Development Costs. A separate team of Software Architects Develops and improves Architecture Components that are the basis of your Web development Projects. For more information about our company visit our about us.

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Wordpress Websites

We at LakhoSoft have gained extensive experience working with Wordpress blogs and websites. By the Time our team of wordpress experts have achieved control in designing new wordpress templates and developing cutomized wordpress tempaltes for blog and websites. We Offer very competitive prices. We are now offering wordpress services with high degree of confidence.



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Mr. Nawaz Lakho and his team at LakhoSoft provide excellent web-based services and support. Whenever we present his team with a challenge, they consistently meet or exceed expectations. They are ... read more