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What was there before Google, the history of Search engines

History of the Search Engine – What Came Before Google? Although we credit Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines for giving us the system we use to find the information we seek, the concept of hypertext came to life in 1945 when Vannaver Bush urged scientist to work together to help build a body […]

Effectiveness of Multi-platform websites

XQuery: The Search Language For A Multi-Platform Future The advent of wireless internet access has made web design a very complicated matter. Previously, all web browsers were created equal. HTML was the only language used to create web sites, and it was only possible to go online with a desktop PC. Since the turn of […]

Good web design is something that can be achieved relatively easily by sticking to a small set of guiding principles

Good web design is something that can be achieved relatively easily by sticking to a small set of guiding principles and avoiding some very common mistakes. Truly excellent web design skills are born out of years of experience, dedication and plenty of hard-learned mistakes. Fortunately, being truly excellent at web design is not a pre-requisite […]

Cornerstones of an Effective Website

Just about everyone has a website today. Certainly, if you’re in business one way or another, you have a website. And people have different objectives behind their sites. Some are content-driven. Others provide an online service and have sophisticated user interfaces. Others still are designed to entertain and amuse their visitors. But regardless what your […]

Build site for Visitors not for Search Engines

Useful Article for my clients and readers of this SEO and Web development blog: There are many aspects in regards to search engine optimisation. There are on-page procedures such as optimising meta tags, titles, page copy, urls, alt tags and the like. We also know that another important aspect is off-page seo whereby a lot […]

Do you want an Authority website Do you know what it is

Few of my clients asked me that they are looking for “Authority website”, can I provide to them? I asked one of them what it is. He replied no, however he had read somewhere on the net. At that time I thought I might write few lines about the top “An Authority website”.  Therefore, here […]

Quality and Quality nothing else (Part 2)

What are Sneaky JavaScript redirects? Whenever search engines indexes a page containing JavaScript, it will index that page but it cannot follow or index any link hidden in the JavaScript itself. Use of JavaScript is an entirely legitimate web practice. However, use of JavaScript with the intent to deceive search engines is not, for example, […]

Quality and Quality nothing else (Part 1)

Instead of doing large amount of SEO I been watching and observing the SEO world, that what is happening around and who is gone down and who is gone up and who has maintained itself and WHY? Answer is in three short sentences: Gone down or vanished from SERPs because of Black Hat techniques, Gone […]

Optimization of images at the webpages

I have noticed that many times the images on websites are not optimized. I think web developers always overlook this important point as far as search engine optimization is concerned. In my opinion there is lot of stuff written about the SEO and all positives and negatives of search engine optimizations are there at the […]

Website Contents and its Importance

It is fact that flashy and dynamic websites tells about the quality of design and looks great as far as the visitor’s sight is concerned, but in real internet world, the contents are the most important if you talk about the selling, these are the words which are used in sell. Yes, you will get […]