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Quality and Quality nothing else (Part 2)

What are Sneaky JavaScript redirects? Whenever search engines indexes a page containing JavaScript, it will index that page but it cannot follow or index any link hidden in the JavaScript itself. Use of JavaScript is an entirely legitimate web practice. However, use of JavaScript with the intent to deceive search engines is not, for example, […]

Quality and Quality nothing else (Part 1)

Instead of doing large amount of SEO I been watching and observing the SEO world, that what is happening around and who is gone down and who is gone up and who has maintained itself and WHY? Answer is in three short sentences: Gone down or vanished from SERPs because of Black Hat techniques, Gone […]

White Hat SEO

White hat search engine optimization techniques are the one which are recommended by all search engines. These are the ways of SEO by which your site can achieve real popularity, consequently the real organic traffic. White hats SEO produce long lasting results and more over it can achieve trust of search engines. So you are […]

Black Hat SEO techniques

The Black Hat SEO techniques can be defined in simple words that the Search engine optimization techniques used to get higher rank in any search engine using unethical manners and baseless ways.  It further can be detailed:  on-page SEO is done using inappropriate methods, like hidden text,  misleading alt tags on images,  use Irrelevant and […]

Are you serious to see your site on the Top Ten Positions of Google SERPs

In fact the answer will be YES! Then, do not look for black hat techniques to bring your site in top position of any search engine. In my one and half year of SEO experience I have seen myself that various websites which were at top 10 positions at Google, Last year, today they are […]