Website Contents and its Importance

It is fact that flashy and dynamic websites tells about the quality of design and looks great as far as the visitor’s sight is concerned, but in real internet world, the contents are the most important if you talk about the selling, these are the words which are used in sell. Yes, you will get 100% marks due to the great eye catching look of site but the contents are the one which gives you the real output in form of $$$.  

Also the other important aspect of the quality contents is that the most of search engines will give you high rating because of quality contents, which consequently would give you organic visitors to your site and here are more dolor coming in your account.  

So, here I am again talking about the quality related contents to your web sites. When you think you should have a website, consider following: 

  • The first step is to create a plan about your website, so write the goals of the site, that what you want to achieve from the website? Keep main goal in the mind, outline that what related information should be included and how that information will be distrusted on the page(s) of the website.  
  • Keeping product(s) and the service(s) in your mind think what information you want to share with the visitors of your web site at what page so that those visitors become your future prospects.  For example, information about your company at ‘about us’ page, product information at the product page(s) and the services information at services page of your web site. Also put few testimonials that were given you buy your previous clients about your services and the products.   
  • Additional information you need to add are:

o   When visitor are on the website and even they liked your service and/or the product, it is human nature that few question might come in the mind, or before buying, they want to look for more info or the procedure to acquire your services, In this regard, create FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.  

o   Think about publishing press releases on your site, which is a small paragraph gives more or updated/latest information about the service or the product. 

o   Think about writing articles on article pages, which is a form of the expression of your expertise and services.  An article is the most favorable type of contents for your web site. In articles you can educate your client about your product and service.  

o   And finally think about adding reports, work samples and material regarding your previous projects.   

  • Collect few related links and place on the somewhere at the bottom of page(s) as courtesy for your visitors which might be useful for your clients. However, these links should not be of your competitors. Here you can add your affiliated links, another form of earning.  
  • As I mentioned at the start of this article, that beside your requirements of website visitor, the contents are very important as far as Search engines are concerned. Therefore, before writing contents, create a list of keywords and phrases which you must distribute evenly and in enough amount of repetition on a web page.  So that, the goals of selling and the satisfaction of search engines is achieved. This will help you to increase new visitors from search engines. 
  • Keep contents simple and clear, avoid long paragraphs, if it is deem necessary, then use bullets, because, practically it is hard to read on screen. So remove extra words in sentences and express in short sentences.
  • Avoid putting extra info about your service and product which might be not necessary, the visitors are there at your site for useful and effective information, putting unnecessary large amount of text will disappoint the visitor, and you don’t want to loose a future prospect.
  • Avoid complicated words and business terms because, assume that visitors are not familiar with these business terms, which might confuse them. 
  •  In the last but not least avoid linked famous words like “Click Here” etc, these words are oldfashioned, instead prefer descriptive linking keywords. Also, doing so, your website’s position in search engine will improve.

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