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Optimization of images at the webpages

I have noticed that many times the images on websites are not optimized. I think web developers always overlook this important point as far as search engine optimization is concerned. In my opinion there is lot of stuff written about the SEO and all positives and negatives of search engine optimizations are there at the […]

Website Contents and its Importance

It is fact that flashy and dynamic websites tells about the quality of design and looks great as far as the visitor’s sight is concerned, but in real internet world, the contents are the most important if you talk about the selling, these are the words which are used in sell. Yes, you will get […]

How to Promote Your Website(s) using additional Methods beside the traditional?

When you have website in fact it is great site by every mean; design and contents. But it will give you nothing until people knows that you got the website and you are selling product and/or service(s).  To bring visitors on your site you would advertise your site on paid directories, advertising classified website, even […]

Is There Still Any Importance of Incomming Links for Google?

From recent drops in PageRanks of various websites, another waves of discussion was started and the owners of websites who lost their ranks on Google were stunned initialy but when they recovered from the shock, they pointed their fingers to the SEO guys. Anyhow, after these shock question was raised that; Is There Still Any Importance […]

Selection of Keywords for a Website during Development of SEO

Selecting a correct, proper and related keyword for your web site is key and most important as far as SEO is concerned. Selecting proper keywords is the base of the search engine optimization campaign. In other words it is the foundation of the search engine optimization campaign. At this stage, think many times and look […]

What is Web Analytics and How it Helps a Website Owner?

One of My clients was asking that how to read an analyticle report and what is this and what is that? From these questions, I thought to have write few notes about the analyticle reports which would be benificial for my clients and the readers of this blog. Deffination: A web analytics is  a series […]