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What is Data Management?

The Definition: Data Management is the comprehensive series of procedures to be followed and have developed and maintained the quality data, using the technology and available resources. It can also be defined that it is the execution of architectures under certain predefined policies and procedures to manage the full data lifecycle of a company or […]

Giving search engine spiders direction with a 301 redirect

Scenario You are upgrading your web site and as part of the upgrade, it means moving and renaming particular files. Danger Search engines have indexed your entire site and many pages rank well. By moving and renaming these files, you run the risk of losing a lot of traffic and leaving visitors to your site […]

The Company Identity

What is it? A company Identity is a simple, well formulated and designed, yet self expressing logo or signage, which is the company‚Äôs visual identity, it is also called Company brand or Brand Identity. Company Identity designing is a visual aspects of any organization. The designer uses its imaginary creative power to merge all aspects […]

Graphic Designing

From Introduction of my business, it can be seen that my company is also providing Graphic designing services for our clients, and therefore, some times, I will be writing about following topics related to Graphic Designing: Company Identity, Logo Designing, Stationary (Letterheads, business cards etc) Menus and Brochures GD supporting softwares; like; Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign […]

How to write for the Websites?

Writing for a website; as far as contents are concerned; Yes! it is very important to have quality and related contents on each page of the website. But the most important considerations should not be forgotten, that are; the fonts, styles, the size and spacing etc. When you start writing keep following considerations in every […]

Are You Sure That Your Website is Crawlable?

Answer to your question is to make sure that your websites are fully crawlable is very important factor of your SEO, especially if you want your sites to rank well for multiple keyword phrases. One of the ways that you can insure that a search engine spider crawls your site very easily if there is […]

Every Web Site Should Include

Having a Website is no problem, but possessing a quality website with respect to search engine crawlers is most important. When ever you want have website consider following tips: About Us page The About Us page is a important place for visitors of your site to find out who you are, what your comapny does, […]